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UCR Teaching (Evaluations)

I am no longer teaching due to my increased research responsibilities but below are some of the my teaching evaluations I have received over the past couple of years.

Winter 2005

  • One of the best TAs I have had a UCR. Is very concerned about the students learning the materials. In addition, is willing to hold office hours tailored to the student's needs. For example, I was able to schedule a meeting with him during saturday. Overall a great TA.

Spring 2005

  • Great TA.

Winter 2006

  • Ben is very helpful and response to email promptly. Great TA understands his material.
  • Great TA.

Fall 2006

  • Ben is a down to Earth TA who is like one of the students which makes communicating and approaching him easy. He's also willing to work with students outside of class time such as providing small discussion meetings for help with assignments. His answers are usually short and straight to the point with humor which makes labs an enjoyable experience. In addition to a good attitude and willingness to work with students he is knowledgeable in the course material. He often assists students with any questions they have.
  • Covers all the needed subjects and makes sure that we understand the material
  • Very helpful during office hours and during lab.
  • Changed my life forever.

Winter 2007

  • nice individual. friendly, good to work with.
  • Ben is the most helpful T.A. He never hesitates to help students.
  • Ben is clearly organized each lab and is very informative in my education.
  • Excellent TA. Easy to talk to. Encourages student interaction and questions. Accessible outside the lab for questions or advice. Give useful feedback regarding course, graduate courses, graduate school experience, research and professors. Would recommend this TA to other students. Would have liked to have more examples for the project, like sample coding maybe if time would have permitted it, but overall TA was helpful.