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Eclipse with Cygwin GCC

I was setting up Eclipse for GCC under Windows the other day and I ran into a couple of snags. I have created a quick walk through if you are trying to setup Eclipse under Cygwin for windows below.

To make thinges easy just install everything for Cygwin and Eclipse. In addition, you are also going to need to install CDT and Subclipse, which are plugins for Eclipse. CDT is the plugin for C++ and Subclipse is the plugin for Subversion. You don't need the Subversion plugin but if you are not currenlty using it, then it might be a good time to start.

In order for Eclipse to compile GCC programs correctly it needs to see appropriate executables in the PATH. The natural solution this is to just add "C:\\cygwin\bin" to the windows PATH. This creates a problem for applications like Gaim where it contains some DLL's that have the same name as some of the executables in Cygwin. In order to solve this problem just edit the project defaults and have new projects pre-append "C:\\cygwin\bin" to the PATH. A image of the window that needs to be modified is provided below.

Eclipse Cygwin GCC

That's it! You should be able to compile C and C++ programs without any problems. One last note, you may have to change the path "C:\\cygwin\bin" to meet your needs depending upon where you installed Cygwin.